What is Holistic Health and Wellbeing?

The old paradigm of health and wellbeing focused primarily on the physical body. In some medical circles today it still does. We are slowly realizing that we are not just the physical body but an integrative system of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body. If any of these are out of balance this result in disease, pain and suffering.

Healing the Emotional/Mind Body
If we are weighed down by negative emotions such as fear, anger, resentment, shame and grief it will distort the quality of our cells. Getting caught up in judging, criticizing, condemning, ridiculing ourselves and others will further impact this. To stop the damage being done by these harmful emotions and distorted thinking we need to empower ourselves by being present and aware of our thoughts and then choose the ones that are life affirming.
• We need to forgive and let go of our past. Clinging to anger and resentment is like poison that will over a period of time cause sickness in the body.
• Realize that it takes time to alter a habitual way of negative thinking but it can be done. Regular meditation (20 minutes or more a day), over a period of time creates a space and awareness, which calms the mind of its manic thinking and creates a center of stillness.
• Maintain an attitude of gratitude and stay present to the beauty of life and love. Recognize that every experience is a lesson and opportunity for us to grow and learn.
Healing the Physical Body
We have become so cut off from nature and her healing properties. To maintain a healthy physical body, it is important to incorporate all aspects of nature into our daily lives.
• Eat mostly clean plant based food and products. Eliminate foods with preservatives and additives. Cellular nutrition focuses on supplying every cell of our bodies with essential building blocks for life. Enzymes, amino acids, fatty acids, glucose, simple/complex sugars, vitamins, minerals, trace minerals and phyto-nutrients are all required on a daily basis to create a radiant, healthy and joyful life mentally, emotionally and physically.
• Take time to ground yourself by getting your feet on the earth or in the grass. Standing directly on the earth without shoes or socks and being present to the surrounding elements helps to recharge the body.
• Spending 30 to 60 minutes’ outdoors every day will help you absorb the powerful energy the sun has to offer, increasing energy and providing vitamin D and detoxifying the body.
• Drink pure ionized filter water. Spend time at the ocean, swimming, walking and breathing in the fresh air.
• Take fresh, long slow deep breaths of air which oxygenates every cell of your body for detoxification, energy, clarity, peace, harmony, balance and strength. The more we breathe consciously the more we get oxygen into the depth of our cells. Try this exercise of inhaling for 8 seconds, holding for 8 seconds, then releasing for 8 seconds. Work your way slowly to 20 minutes of this breathing.
• Exercise at least 20 to 30 minutes a day to help oscillate the cells. Exercises that work to oscillate the cells are bike riding, stretching, brisk walk up hills, swimming, dancing, rebounder.
• Eliminate your overexposure to chemicals. Replace chemically based products with natural products for your home and body.

Healing the Spiritual Body
We have seen the degradation of our planet and inhumanity prevail as a result of our disconnection from our hearts and a focus on a ‘thinking’ only human being. Our spirit body and heart centered being is our core foundation. It contains unlimited resources of love, peace, joy, courage, hope, strength, and faith to name a few. It is what guides us to make the right decisions for ourselves, decisions that are based on more expansive qualities rather than fear based decisions that come from a limited sense of our small self.
• Take time every morning and evening to connect to this heart centered beingness of yourself. This can be done through mediation, ritual and prayer. If this is done regularly, over a period of time you will come to know an abiding peace and calm within and a spaciousness that allows you the time to listen and make the most conscious decisions for yourself moment to moment.
• With connection to heart comes the choice to be authentic in who you are and in everything you do. This is self-honouring and self-respect.
• Empathy and compassion naturally develop and you come to realize the inter-connectedness of all life and develop a reverence for it. (It is not unusual that one gravitates towards a plant based diet and stops eating animals and animal products, as you come to the realization that this causes unnecessary suffering and that the impact of animal farming is having a profoundly adverse effect on the environment.)
• Through heart centered connection you will find that you live in the present moment because this is where life is happening. With a heightened sense of awareness and intent listening you will find that you are in the flow of life. You become more mindful of the choices you make in each moment and how they will impact your fellow human beings and the environment.
• With present moment awareness there is a letting go of the attachment to mind and its fixations of what it defines you to be. There is also a letting go of the attachment and control of how life is supposed to be.
A 360 degree change has never really worked for anyone, however taking just a couple of these principles that resonate with you and implementing them in your life may just bring you the good health and happiness that is your birth right.

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