De-Constructing The Lie

Porky pies, little white lies, fibs, call them what you will they are all distortions of the truth that we frequently use every day –  to make us look better, to protect us in some way, to avoid being judged for our inadequacies, or to gain something for ourselves. Behind lies is egotism in one form or another and it all comes back to me, me, me – the ‘I’ at the center of the Universe.

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Grief – A Natural process of integrating our everyday losses

The older we get, the more we lose; this is the law of impermanence. We lose loved ones, cherished dreams, physical strength, work, and relationships, the degradation of the environment. Often, it seems like loss upon loss. All these losses bring up enormous grief that we must be prepared to embrace completely, if we are to live with open hearts. As the losses mount, the need for conscious grieving becomes more pronounced. Continue reading

Facing Your Fear

Too often we allow fear to dominate and define our lives. We allow it to steal our joy, our sleep and our precious dreams. We cling to fear from our childhood, traumatic experiences, and the negative media, like a security blanket. We allow our fear to hold us back and to play it safe, in order to avoid facing rejection, possible failure, embarrassment or being hurt.

It’s our responsibility to acknowledge, face, and dissolve our fear. If you want to know happiness and to realize your dreams, you have to be able to take a leap of faith despite being afraid.

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