How I Work


To achieve optimum results I use a variety of psychotherapeutic approaches. These include Holistic, Body-Based/Somantic, Humanistic/Person-Centered, Artistic/Play, and Buddhist psychotherapy.

The Holistic approach views a human being as a whole and takes into consideration the state of health of each of these systems which includes the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. If one state is out of balance it effects the whole. The current state of each of these systems is examined and the appropriate therapy implemented to bring about stasis.

The Body-Based and Somantic approach views the body as a diagnostic map where all experiences are stored. Through the body a variety of techniques are used to address all aspects of complex emotions which results in integration and transformation.

The Humanistic or Person-Centered approach believes that each individual naturally tends to move toward growth and healing. A safe non-judgmental environment is provided with empathy and unconditional positive regard so you can explore your behaviour and how it is impacting your life. The relationship between the psychotherapist and client is based on trust and mutual respect which is paramount to the journey of healing.

Artistic and Play therapy offers an opportunity to explore intense emotions in a gentle and supportive way. At times when our deepest thoughts and feelings are in turmoil, or hidden and buried, the arts and play therapy offers the opportunity to make conscious the unconscious. Blocked energy is freed and through this process self-trust and inner resources are developed bringing harmony to all parts of the self.

In Buddhist psychotherapy the mind is seen as a product of our conditioning. As a result we exhibit habitual emotional, psychological, and physical reactions which often result in dysfunction. Through the technique of meditation and mindfulness insight you will become aware of and be able to retrain any dysfunctional processes of perceptions, emotions, and behaviour. Once the mind is awakened and able to see the true nature of the self and reality it feels completely content, loving and inter-connected with all of life.

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