Turning 50 is a huge milestone for many women.  Leading up to mine I was looking back over old journals, found myself stuck in the same headspace and feeling pretty frustrated that I was still battling with the same issues I had struggled with since I was a teenager!  I vowed to myself there and then that I would do whatever it took to get into a better frame of mind and live my life to the fullest into my fifties and beyond.

What I needed was a counsellor, but a counsellor with a difference.  A counsellor who was in tune on an emotional/spiritual level, as well as having all the human psychology knowledge required to guide me through some of the issues I had. I wanted somebody that I could trust fully with all that I had to share and somebody who would respect this part of my journey.

When I researched online I came across Melanie Webb’s page which talked about many of the challenges I was still facing.  I immediately got a real sense of gentleness, intelligence, care and spirituality from the words on her webpage and decided to email for an appointment.  I received a reply immediately and then phoned to book an appointment.  I can honestly say it was the best connection I have ever made in my life to date.  From the first appointment to now, which is nearly 2 years later, my life, thinking and spiritual well being has been improved beyond anything I could have imagined.

Mel’s kind, respectful manner in our initial session immediately endeared me to her and I knew without a doubt that I could trust her fully with my story.  Mel has a unique, yet powerful way of helping to get to the bottom of the roadblocks of the mind and all she asked me to do was to ‘trust the process’ … not to ask how it works or why it works.. just do the work and watch the results happen.  Learning to meditate for me was key to connecting with my true self, allowing me to see what needed to be worked on.  Mel is an excellent teacher, a patient teacher and is always able to bring me back to my centre when I start wandering into ‘ego land’.  Learning about the power of the ego and it’s ability to derail my efforts of living a serene, happy and peaceful life was also another invaluable lesson.  In fact every appointment I have with Mel, I always come away having learned, feeling better about myself and where I am at.

The past two years have been quite a roller coaster, emotionally, physically and spiritually for me and I know for a fact that if I had not had the support and guidance of Mel’s insight, knowledge and care, then things might well have had a very different outcome. I cannot recommend Mel highly enough.  I still to this day attend sessions with her because I know that touching base with her as a mentor and counsellor is completely beneficial to my journey.

Thank you for everything Mel, it’s been quite a ride! KR – Perth


I have been attending Melanie Webb (Counsellor and Life Coach) for about 2 years on a regular bi-monthly basis.

Following a “break down” in 2002 (which was eventually diagnosed as a “Bipolar Condition”), my Life had become a roller-coaster of Depression, Fear, Anxiety, Low self-esteem and I was just plain UNHAPPY. Discovering Melanie by chance I decided to try her techniques and approach towards pulling myself out of the low place where I was then existing.

Having tried “normal doctors and assortments of medications” and a range of Alternative Therapists I embarked on a Journey of self -discovery and inner enquiry. On meeting her for the first time I immediately felt I was in a very safe holistic and nurturing Space. I felt at one with the Space where she worked and completely safe to talk with her about all the Issues that were bothering me.

We used a combination of Art Therapy: Sand Play / Sculpture and Clay Model designs to address and explore the issues that were most important to ME. I would say that Melanie is an excellent Listener also. A great part of the sessions were just plain Heart to Heart Conversation.

I came to terms with my past. Discovered my inner being and Higher Self. I feel like I have won back my Soul again and it is not lost. I understand the essence of my true Self.

Journey: Aspirations: Intentions : Dreams : and Goals are just some of the things Melanie explained to me are essential for a fulfilling and happy life.

The Inner Child in me has re-emerged and I now enjoy a more productive, happy, fulfilling and loving life both for myself and those that cross my path on a daily basis. Above all this includes my family who are nearest and dearest to me.

It is very easy to bring the past into your current existence – Melanie’s work with me has enabled me to thoroughly explore the past, look forward to a bright future and live more in the NOW.

” Lighting one Candle from another fails to lessen the Light of the first ”  MS – Perth

There was an unfortunate event in my life that brought me to Melanie Webb. I was stressed and anxious about daily activities such as work. Mel has always believed in my potential and I now believe in myself. I’m not saying I am perfect but I have come a long way in the last two years. I now take risks that I wouldn’t normally do. When I am a little scared I know who to call if I need to work on it. I have to say that if there is anything that you can’t sort out on your own, doing the holistic counselling gives you a deeper understanding of what is really going on inside. I find with that understanding comes awareness and empowerment to change your life for the better. Thanks Mel. KD – Perth, WA


Its been such a treat to work with Mel. Her coaching blends humor, art, a no-nonsense approach, and tremendous nurturing. Ensuring that I became empowered with the tools to take care of myself, so that I could graduate from coaching was also key. Mel has stood, and continues to stand as an anchor of unwavering confidence that I am complete and that everything is okay. The exercises she provides are simple, doable and at the same time so profound — something as simple as consciously breathing and remembering to do so in every moment. Working with Mel, over skype, despite being in different continents and on different time zones, has been a real gift to myself.  PG – India


I would like thank you Mel for the care and professionalism you were able to provide for me. I know without a doubt that you helped me out of a very dark place and showed me how to not only get my life back on track, but use the situation to grow.  T – Perth


After many years of dealing with trauma and depression, seeing numerous counsellors, clinical psychologists, healers etc. I was referred to Melanie Webb. The kind, supportive and compassionate manner in which Melanie operates is exceptional. Melanie also has the ability to make you feel safe to enter into your ‘stuff’ giving you validity, and actually gives you authentic tools and assists you to go into and then overcome your challenges. She has assisted me in turning my life around, allowing me to live, love and accept all aspects of myself. On a personal level I carry the utmost respect and feel honoured to have encountered such an incredible being on my journey. Thank you Mel, you are truly an amazing counsellor.  S.S. – Fremantle, Perth.


A good communicator with excellent feedback. Very caring and treats clients with respect.  E.D. – Ardross, Perth


Mel is such a shining light, she holds a safe grounded space for you to explore and creatively transcend experiences that have hindered you in the past. I love the Holistic Counselling approach, it is far more rounded, creative, effective and quite often enjoyable! I always looked forward to my sessions with Mel and love the way she comes from the space of an equal and a friend……. I couldn’t recommend her more! G.H. – Perth


Mel was for me not only the light at the end of the tunnel…but the sparkle colorful light, her smile is warm and her laughter contagious, her knowledge is incredible. I feel privilege of knowning and been guided by dear Mel. LB – Perth


When I went to see Melanie, I had already trialled other therapists with no success. I went to see her for ‘anger management’ which I thought was the only problem and for which I had already trialled different management strategies; breathing, leaving the room, … .

I chose Melanie as she looks at humans and the problems as a whole, though I was not sure about the holistic approach being a down to earth researcher. However, I was ready to give anything a try as my relationship with my 6-year-old son was shattered due to my anger problem. I was amazed when I realised that the problem was from deep inside. I felt the pain deep inside my heart and it needed to heal; So polishing it from outside would not cure the deep inside problem. Transformation did not happen instantly, but it empowered me not only to become a better mother and rebuild my relationship with my son but also to find myself and gain my confidence back. It seems that doors of opportunity are opening up for me one after another since I hugged the kid inside me. As Mel once said” the sky is the limit” for me now. A.E. – Perth


Mel, I am so grateful for your wealth of knowledge, empathy, awareness, warm personality, and counselling skills.

You have turned my family member’s life around in a matter of weeks.  Your patient, friendly, warm holistic approach and amazing skills, has taken him from a very bad place filled with addiction, anger, paranoia, aggressiveness, relationship issues, unhappiness and much more to an amazing place where he is a pleasure to know. I didn’t believe it was possible but I am so proud of the progress he has made.  He is a different person thanks to your work Mel – we both would recommend you to anyone.  Saved his life really!!  P. L. C


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